Step by Step Landscape & Design - Case Study

Case Study: Elevating the Brand and Online Presence of Step by Step Landscape & Design LLC with Tomas Soto Marketing


Step by Step Landscape & Design LLC, with over 15 years of rich experience serving the Massachusetts area, aimed to rejuvenate its brand image, enhance its digital presence, and streamline its marketing materials. Tomas Soto Marketing was engaged to lead this transformation journey.

Problem / Solution / Result:

  • Problem: Step by Step Landscape & Design LLC, despite its extensive experience, lacked a unified brand image and had a minimal online presence.
  • Solution: Tomas Soto Marketing embarked on a comprehensive branding exercise, starting with designing 10 logos for selection. A coherent graphic design concept was established, digital channels were set up, and a variety of marketing materials were crafted to boost the company’s visibility and outreach.
  • Result: The landscaping company now sports a cohesive brand image that resonates with its experience and expertise. Their digital footprint, encompassing social media and a responsive website, effectively conveys their services to a wider audience.

Starting Point / Turning Point / End Point:

  • Starting Point: The landscaping company was equipped with expertise and experience but lacked the branding and online tools to showcase its prowess.
  • Turning Point: The establishment of a new graphic design concept, a selection of a professional logo, the initiation of social media campaigns, and the crafting of tangible marketing assets started redefining the brand’s image and reach.
  • End Point: With a vibrant website, engaging social media channels, and brand-consistent tangible marketing tools like t-shirts and magnetic signs, Step by Step Landscape & Design LLC became a more visible and recognizable entity in the Massachusetts landscape domain.

Challenge / Solution / Outcome:

  • Challenge: The company underwent a name change during the branding process, which could have led to inconsistencies and rework.
  • Solution: Tomas Soto Marketing efficiently managed this transition by modifying the logo and all associated graphics. This transition was achieved without additional charges, reflecting the agency’s commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Outcome: Despite the transition in the company name, the branding remained consistent, and the company continued its journey without disruptions.

Opportunity / Strategy / Results & Outcomes:

  • Opportunity: The landscaping domain heavily relies on showcasing previous work to gain new clients. There was a pressing need to visually represent the company’s expertise.
  • Strategy: A responsive website was developed with an emphasis on showcasing a gallery of the company’s most recent projects. A combination of professional stock photos and real project images were used to ensure a rich visual experience for potential clients.
  • Results & Outcomes: The website has become a key tool for client acquisition, with the gallery acting as a testament to the company’s skill and expertise.


Step by Step Landscape & Design LLC’s collaboration with Tomas Soto Marketing revolutionized its brand presence, both online and offline. From the tangible marketing materials to the comprehensive digital presence, every touchpoint now echoes the company’s dedication to quality and excellence in landscaping services. With a cohesive branding strategy and a proactive approach to changing requirements, the company stands tall as a premier landscaping service in Massachusetts, ready to scale even greater heights.