Moreno Auto Collision - Case Study

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Case Study: Bolstering the Brand and Digital Image of Moreno Auto Collision with Tomas Soto Marketing


Moreno Auto Collision, a distinguished player in the auto repair landscape, aimed to amplify its brand identity and extend its digital outreach. They chose Tomas Soto Marketing for this transformation, leveraging their expertise in branding and digital marketing.

Problem / Solution / Result:

  • Problem: Moreno Auto Collision, despite its excellence in auto repair, lacked a robust and consistent brand image and had limited online exposure.
  • Solution: Tomas Soto Marketing initiated a multi-faceted branding and digital marketing strategy. They developed professional logos, established a uniform graphic design concept, launched social media channels, and crafted a plethora of marketing materials both for online and offline reach.
  • Result: Moreno Auto Collision now boasts a dynamic and consistent brand image. With its amplified digital presence and strategic marketing initiatives, the company has solidified its position as a leader in the auto collision industry.

Starting Point / Turning Point / End Point:

  • Starting Point: Moreno Auto Collision had the skillset and reputation but lacked the branding and digital tools to match its industry prowess.
  • Turning Point: The development of a unified branding strategy, a responsive website filled with SEO-driven content, and aggressive social media campaigns marked a new era for the company.
  • End Point: Today, with an assertive online presence, Moreno Auto Collision effectively communicates its expertise to a wider audience, utilizing digital platforms and offline marketing tools alike.

Challenge / Solution / Outcome:

  • Challenge: In an industry riddled with competition, it was vital for Moreno Auto Collision to showcase tangible evidence of its excellent craftsmanship and results.
  • Solution: Tomas Soto Marketing designed a series of ‘before and after’ flyers to visually represent the company’s high-quality work. Additionally, video testimonials led by the owner provided personal touchpoints, emphasizing his expertise in the auto collision domain.
  • Outcome: The visual evidence, combined with personal touchpoints, instilled trust and showcased the company’s expertise, leading to increased customer confidence and acquisition.

Opportunity / Strategy / Results & Outcomes:

  • Opportunity: Video content, given its immersive nature, was identified as a pivotal medium to enhance brand engagement and reach.
  • Strategy: A series of videos featuring the owner discussing his auto collision expertise was crafted. These were adapted to various formats suitable for platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram reels. One of the YouTube video ads was particularly promoted to enhance visibility.
  • Results & Outcomes: The paid YouTube video ad garnered over 250,000 views, drastically elevating the company’s profile and positioning Moreno Auto Collision as an industry leader in its community.


Moreno Auto Collision’s collaboration with Tomas Soto Marketing reshaped its brand and digital narrative. Through a myriad of strategic interventions spanning branding, web development, and digital marketing, the auto repair specialist has not only fortified its brand image but has also emerged as a recognized leader in its domain. This transformation attests to the potency of effective branding and digital marketing strategies in driving business growth.