La Esquina Restaurant - Case Study

La Esquina Restaurant
624 Blue Hill Ave. Boston, MA 02121
617 822 0200

Case Study: Elevating La Esquina Restaurant with Tomas Soto Marketing


Located at the heart of Boston, La Esquina Restaurant is famed for its delectable Dominican-style subs. As the eatery sought to revamp its image and strengthen its digital presence, Tomas Soto Marketing seamlessly helmed the restaurant’s transformation journey.

Problem / Solution / Result:

  • Problem: Being an established local haunt, La Esquina Restaurant felt the need to modernize its brand imagery, enhance its digital visibility, and effectively showcase its mouthwatering offerings.
  • Solution: Tomas Soto Marketing overhauled the restaurant’s branding starting from refining the logo, crafting a unifying graphic design concept, and delving deep into the digital realm with a multifaceted online strategy.
  • Result: La Esquina Restaurant not only witnessed a brand resurgence but also benefited from increased patronage and sales, prompting them to expand with a second location.

Starting Point / Turning Point / End Point:

  • Starting Point: A beloved Boston fast-food joint, known for its Dominican-style subs, but with a traditional branding approach and limited online visibility.
  • Turning Point: The introduction of a modern branding strategy, the creation of social media channels, and the focus on visual marketing, both online and at the physical location, marked the renaissance of La Esquina Restaurant.
  • End Point: Today, the restaurant not only flaunts a chic brand image but has significantly expanded its customer reach, compelling them to inaugurate a second outlet.

Challenge / Solution / Outcome:

  • Challenge: Representing the wide array of delectable dishes in a manner that appeals to both walk-in customers and digital audiences.
  • Solution: An amalgamation of strategies was employed, from wrapping the restaurant windows with enticing food imagery to deploying High Definition monitors both inside and for passersby. This was complemented by professional photoshoots, especially focusing on the restaurant’s signature grilled chicken.
  • Outcome: The dynamic visual representation of dishes led to an uptick in sales and provided potential patrons a lucid glimpse into the restaurant’s culinary delights.

Opportunity / Strategy / Results & Outcomes:

  • Opportunity: To holistically promote the restaurant’s offerings across all customer touchpoints, from dine-in to delivery.
  • Strategy: Tomas Soto Marketing designed comprehensive to-go menus, visually engaging digital menus for in-house monitors, and even stickers for delivery containers. Each promotional material was meticulously crafted, encompassing detailed descriptions and high-resolution images.
  • Results & Outcomes: These cohesive marketing initiatives have not only led to heightened brand recognition but have also simplified the dining experience for patrons, translating to enhanced customer satisfaction.


La Esquina Restaurant’s partnership with Tomas Soto Marketing stands as a testament to the transformative power of cohesive branding and innovative marketing strategies. By merging traditional culinary charm with contemporary promotional techniques, La Esquina has etched an indelible mark in Boston’s fast-food landscape. The case poignantly highlights how judicious branding decisions can redefine a business’s trajectory.